Registration for Competitors

Welcome to the European Latin Dance Grand Prix!

Online Registration


Online registration for the ELDGP qualifiers at the 10. Annual Palladium Voyage International Salsa Gala Bremen will be open soon.


 Registration & Buying


To register for the ELDGP Qualifiers please 


1) purchase the mandatory Competitor Full Pass for 10. Palladium Voyage (one-time purchase per competitor), and 


2) pay your first Division Fee you would like to compete in. Two or more divisions can be joined after paying for full price of the most expensive division, any additional division will be reduced to half price.


Example 1):

Solo Division:

First entry: 50,00 €

Second entry or more: 25,00 €


Couple or Duo Division:

First entry: 75,00 €

Second entry or more: 37,50 €


Team Division:

First entry: 100,00 €

Second entry or more: 50,00 €


Example 2):

Team Division together with Solo Division:

First entry: 100,00 € 

Second entry: 25,00 €



First Division entries can be registered following the links below.


Second or additional Division entries can be added via email at or in person.


Please register for a specific cabaret division here. ( Links will be open soon )

(Available for professional dancers only!).


Please register for a specific non-cabaret division here. ( Links will be open soon )



Thank you for registering early to make organization easier on all of us,

Gallo Productions Team